Welcome to the
Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center

A Unit of the University of Kansas Continuing Education

Established by the Kansas Legislature in 1968, KLETC serves as the central law enforcement training facility for our state and as headquarters for all law enforcement training in Kansas.

A Unit of the University of Kansas Continuing Education, KLETC is located at the former naval air station, near Yoder, Kansas (12 miles southeast of Hutchinson). Its mission, as expressed in the Law Enforcement Training Act, K.S.A. 74-5601 et seq. is "the promotion and development of improved law enforcement personnel and procedures throughout the state, and the training center shall offer to qualified applicants such programs and courses of instruction designed to fulfill this end."

KLETC directly trains the overwhelming majority of municipal, county and state law enforcement officers in Kansas and oversees, supervises and monitors the training of the remaining officers at eight authorized certified academy programs operated by local law enforcement agencies and the Kansas Highway Patrol.


Thank You to the 230th Basic Class

Click here to read a letter of appreciation from the Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation to the students of KLETC’s 230th basic training class for their generous contribution to the memorial fund. The Law Enforcement Memorial monument is located on the state capital grounds in Topeka.